Poe Middle School
7000 Cindy Ln, Annandale, VA 22003
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Jason Pannutti

School Summary
Edgar Allan Poe Middle School is located near Backlick Road in Annandale and serves as one of the three grade six through grade eight middle schools in Fairfax County. Poe Middle School strives to examine intellectual development issues as they affect early adolescent school programs.

Students are offered skill development challenges that build carefully on how they can and do think during early adolescence. The intellectual curiosity of the students is nurtured by learning changes that appropriately challenge their abilities. Recognizing that students are in a transitional period, the staff members adhere to the principles of the middle school philosophy by endeavoring to meet the academic, physical, emotional, and social needs of students.

By emphasizing academic excellence, critical and creative thinking, responsible behavior, and acceptance of individual differences, the staff sets high expectations for students. The school day includes a 30-minute teacher-advisor program, an important component of the middle school concept, which advocates every student in the building knowing and being known well by at least one adult.

Students and teachers are organized in teams in which the core subjects (English, math, science, and social studies) are taught. Students' progress is assessed using conventional methods, as well as other types of authentic assessment such as portfolios, group productions, and multimedia presentations.

The Poe Middle School Plan is developed with input and involvement of staff members, parents, and students. The objectives are always to improve the academic achievement of all students and to create a school climate in which students consistently exhibit safe, honest, and respectful behavior.

Enrollment Enrollment as of June 201718: 894
Grades 6-8
FCPS Programs
Special Features
  • Positive Behavior Support (PBS)
  • Middle School after-school program partnership with the Fairfax County Department of Community and Recreational Services
  • Spanish for Fluent Speakers in grades seven and eight
  • Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID)
  • Early Identification Program (EIP)
  • Foreign Language Partial-Immersion program - Spanish
  • International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IBMYP)
  • Compacted Math - sixth grade
  • College Partnership Program
  • Literacy Through Intensive Skills Teaching & Technology (LISTT) - through AOL Aspires grant
  • Student Choice Mobile Libraries - through NEA Foundation grant
Business Partnership
  • Annandale United Methodist Church
  • Boat People SOS
  • Capital One
  • Qualcomm / Virginia Tech
  • Rotary of Bailey's Crossroads
  • St. Alban's Episcopal Church
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