Herndon Elementary School
630 Dranesville Rd, Herndon, VA 20170
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Teresa Fennessy

School Summary

The vision of Herndon Elementary School is to provide students with a safe, nurturing learning environment where all students will work to their full potential. Working as a community we will close the achievement gap and ensure all students work to the same high standards.

The mission of Herndon Elementary is to develop children to their full potential by ensuring a high level of success for all students. Teachers will work to differentiate instruction, provide a safe environment, and develop goals with students. Parents and teachers will work together as a community to prepare students to become productive citizens.

We believe in Our Children:

  • Each child in our building has unique qualities and the ability to learn given opportunity and encouragement.
  • With the proper guidance, support, and expectations our children will have high levels of achievement.

We believe in Our Teachers:

  • All of our teachers are highly qualified to support, encourage, and nurture each of their students to become high achievers.
  • Each of our teachers will work to meet individual needs of every child.

We believe in Our Public Education System:

  • In providing a balanced and well-rounded education that will foster lifelong learning in all children.
  • That a safe, secure, nurturing, and clean facility learning will be enjoyable and fulfilling.

We believe in Our Community:

  • Families are an integral part of a great educational system.
  • We encourage the support of parents/guardians in the education of their children.
  • Our Business partner is a valuable resource to our students and staff.

Enrollment Enrollment as of June 201718: 872
Grades K-6
FCPS Programs
Special Features
Business Partnership
  • Cornerstones
  • Food for Others
  • GrandInvolve
  • Kids R First
  • McLean Bible Church
  • Real Food For Kids
  • The Wish List Project
  • Trinity Presbyterian Church
  • Volkswagon
Attendance Area This school is part of Region 1 and the Herndon High Pyramid. Enter your street address in the boundary locator to determine which schools your student should attend.