Woodburn Elementary School for the Fine and Communicative Arts
3401 Hemlock Dr, Falls Church, VA 22042
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Katy Richman

School Summary
Woodburn School for the Fine & Communicative Arts is a family-oriented, inclusive neighborhood school located between Annandale and Falls Church. Our student population consists of students from richly diverse backgrounds who work together as a community of learners. Woodburn's rich history of serving the area's children began in 1954. Total renovation and additions completed in 2009 upgraded the facility's learning spaces and technology. Reflecting our focus, special classrooms for the arts are located in the center of the building. All classrooms utilize interactive whiteboards to enhance engagement in learning. Laptop and netbook carts enable teachers to use technology as a tool within their classrooms.

Woodburn is a focus school dedicated to the integration of the fine and communicative arts into every aspect of school life. At Woodburn, the fine and communicative arts of music, drama, dance and movement, literature and visual art are utilized as meaning makers to enhance the FCPS curriculum. We teach with, about, in and through the arts because the arts:

* Have the power to engage today's active and visual learners * Are a primary form of communication in all cultures * Are correlated with higher academic success and engagement with school * Provide additional ways for students of all learning styles to be successful * Instill cultural knowledge that enhances success * Build creativity and problem-solving abilities * Develop important skills for life, such as self-regulation, self-discipline, perseverance, goal-oriented work habits, cooperation, problem-solving, and appreciation for hard work

As a Positive Behavior Supports school, Woodburn is committed to the social and emotional development of our students. The simple guidelines of "Respect Self, Respect Others and Respect Property" form the basis for the rules of our community, The Woodburn Way. Students are explicitly taught and practice behaviors supporting these guidelines in every area of the school. A tiered system of positive consequences, including individual and class Paw Prints, and Woodburn Outstanding Wildcat (WOW) awards, encourage every student to follow the Woodburn Way.

Woodburn's teaching staff operates as a Professional Learning Community, focused on four guiding questions: * What do we want students to know and be able to do? * How will we know when they know it? * What will we do if they don't learn it? * What will we do if they already know it?

Guided by these questions, teaching teams develop common curriculum pacing and assessments, and closely monitor student learning. Systematic intervention is provided for students who need more time and support to achieve learning goals. Enrichment is provided for students who master curriculum content. At Woodburn, we do "Whatever It Takes!" to ensure that our students are prepared to meet the future as competent, self-sufficient adults.

Enrollment Enrollment as of June 201718: 495
Grades K-6
FCPS Programs
Special Features
  • Kennedy Center Changing Education through the Arts Model School
  • Positive Behavior Supports Program - "The Woodburn Way"
  • Arts Integration Museum Nights
  • Violin instruction for every third grade student
  • Band instruction available in grade four
  • After-school program - The Woodburn Academy for the Fine & Playful Arts
  • Family Nights for Math, Literacy and Health
  • Full-time Advanced Academics Resource Teacher
  • Mentoring program
  • Parent and community tutoring
  • Student Cooperative Association (SCA)
  • Sarah Lahr Outdoor Classroom
  • Multiage "dens" meet monthly for character education and service
  • Partnership with George Mason University for summer reading clinic and afterschool band & strings studio
Business Partnership
  • Fairfax Symphony Orchestra
  • Food for Others
  • Inova - Population Health Program
  • Kids R First
Attendance Area This school is part of Region 2 and the Falls Church High Pyramid. Enter your street address in the boundary locator to determine which schools your student should attend.