Stenwood Elementary School
2620 Gallows Rd, Vienna, VA 22180
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Peggy Dammeyer

School Summary

It is the mission of Stenwood to foster a community where learning is the primary focus for both students and adults. The Stenwood staff is committed to working together as a Professional Learning Community by establishing a collaborative teaching culture, which focuses on best teaching practices and student achievement. To ensure academic success for all, the Stenwood staff unites to make the following commitments to:

  • Work collaboratively to make instructional decisions to support the learning of each child.
  • Challenge students to think critically and become problem solvers.
  • Support students as they strive to be responsible, caring, respectful, honest, and cooperative.
  • Engage in meaningful professional development activities, which support student success.
  • Respect, honor, and celebrate the cultural diversity of our school community.
  • Acknowledge parents and volunteers as partners in the educational process.

It is the goal of the Stenwood community that our students become literate, self-motivated, well-rounded, independent learners who demonstrate responsibility to self and society.

Last Updated: 2015-07-16