Fairfax High School
3501 Lion Run, Fairfax, VA 22030
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Georgina Aye
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School Summary

Fairfax High School has a rich history and tradition that dates back to 1936. The current facility, built in 1972, is located in the City of Fairfax and was upgraded in 2007 with a $54-million-dollar renovation. The high school enjoys the positive benefits of a special relationship with the Fairfax City and Fairfax County School Boards. Approximately 35 percent of FHS students live in the City of Fairfax, while the other 65 percent resides in Fairfax County outside city limits. The school is a community center for the City of Fairfax, serving as the venue of choice for many evening and weekend community programs. 

Fairfax High School offers a broad and challenging curriculum that meets the needs of a diverse population. The high school offers Advanced Placement courses, honors programs in all academic areas, seven world languages, internship opportunities, on-site vocational training, and a full range of fine and performing arts. Students who speak English as a second language and students with disabilities are served by specially adapted instructional programs. Our school community believes that all students can learn and develop to perform at high standards. Time and opportunity for students to receive additional academic support needed is built into our instructional schedule.

Our academic programs seek to promote Portrait of a Graduate among our students. We expect our students to graduate from Fairfax High School with the skills to be creative and critical thinkers as well as to communicate and collaborate with people around the world. These skills will allow each graduate the opportunity to choose among many options in continuing their growth in college, career, or other pursuits.

Staff collaboration fosters a sustainable model of continuous improvement by bringing teachers together to reflect on their practice as it applies to our students and their learning. Course-based collaborative learning teams (CLTs) meet weekly to develop skill-based outcomes and examine student performance results for evidence of successful learning as well as areas where additional support is needed. Our CLTs share three common traits - a sense of accountability and interdependence among the members, an orientation toward common goals, and a focus on student learning at the center of their work.

Approximately 90 percent of our students continue their education in postsecondary institutions. School programs emphasize student wellness with a "whole student" approach. Our school counselors and Student Services team - which is RAMP-certified (Recognized ASCA Model Program) - provides academic and socio-emotional support for our students in addition to college and career advising as they move through grades 9-12.

Students from across Fairfax County come to the Fairfax Academy for Communications and the Arts to participate in specialized, advanced courses in a variety of communications, visual, and performing arts fields. Emphasis is placed on the integration of academic and career preparation, incorporating the latest technologies. In addition, our Student Activities office offers a wide range of athletic programs and club activities designed to help students develop talents outside of the classroom and builder a stronger sense of school community.

Last Updated: 2022-03-15

Enrollment Enrollment as of June 202324: 2335
Grades 9-12
FCPS Programs Last Updated: 2022-10-19
Special Features
  • AVID program
  • Dual Enrollment in Science and Mathematics
  • Fairfax Academy for Communication and the Arts
  • Intervention time embedded in school day
  • Math Creative Classroom
  • Offers language study in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Korean, Latin, and Spanish
  • Professional Learning Community
  • Project AWARE grant recipient
  • Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) School
Last Updated: 2022-03-15
Business Partnership
Attendance Area

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